In such highly competitive times and complex, it is notorious that companies defend theirs interests from its trades activities anda preventive mindset towards commercial issues. We are used to handle all kinds of antidumping, antitrust competition issues, advising Brazilian and international companies of all sizes and a wide range of industry sectors

With experience acquired from assisting clients in several antidumping investigations over the years, we provide full assistance in every aspect related to international trade law in administrative investigations initiated by the Department of Trade Defense (DECOM) and the Secretariat of International Trade (SECEX), the Brazilian authorities in charge of carrying out such procedures, as well as by foreign authorities.
Among the services we provide in the antidumping and trade law realm, we highlight:

• Assistance and representation of companies before Brazilian and foreign authorities in antidumping investigations, subsidies, safeguards and reviews.
• Assistance and representation of companies before Brazilian and foreign authorities in anti-circumvention investigations.
• Assistance and consulting services to Brazilian and foreign entities in multilateral negotiations and disputes before the World Trade Organization (WTO).
• Preparations of legal opinions related to antidumping and other trade law issues.

Our team is also prepared to represent the interests of companies in view of antitrust investigations.

With the strong experience acquired from several investigations involving cartel and abuse of dominant position, we are prepared to immediately answer to clients that are subject to investigations, antitrust inspections or dawn raids. Our experience also includes leniency agreement advice, significant merger filings and internal programs to reduce and prevent competition issues (i.e. compliance programs).
Among the services we provide to clients in the antitrust and competition area, we highlight legal assistance in a broad variety of matters, such as:

• Submission of merger filings;
• Submission of oppositions to transactions with negative effects to competition;
• Couselling companies and individuals in administrative proceedings related to antitrust violations, such as cartel investigations, abuse of dominance, vertical agreements, amongst others.
• Advice on the negotiation of leniency agreements;
• Administrative and Judicial litigation related to antitrust issues, as well as motion to judicially review decisions rendered by CADE.
• Prepare and training of compliance programs.
• Prepare of legal opinions, risk evaluations, strategies and corporate policies related to competitive aspects in general.

Our team is also ready to represent the interests of companies before sectorial regulatory agencies derived from antitrust cases, with special attention on cases relating to the:

• ANTT: Land Transportation National Agency;
• ANAC: Civil Aviation National Agency;
• ANATEL: Telecommunication National Agency;
• ANEEL: Electric Energy National Agency;
• ANP: Oil National Agency;
ANVISA: Sanitary Surveillance Agency; among others.