Campos Mello Advogados Environmental Practice has extensive experience in providing legal advice and support to a wide network of clients in different economic sectors, such as in the industrial and energy sectors. Our understanding of these sectors, combined with our experience in regulatory matters and experience in administrative, civil and criminal litigation, provide us with the necessary basis to advise our clients in a variety of environmental matters.

Strategic legal support and representation in administrative and judicial proceedings involving environmental matters

Administrative Proceedings
    Draft of administrative appeals in sanctioning proceedings (e.g. infraction notices and terms of embargoes) and in licensing and authorization proceedings (e.g. administrative decision rejecting the issuance of an environmental license)

    Negotiations with environmental agencies to address strategic cases

    Negotiation of instruments (e.g. conduct adjustment agreements, recovery of degraded areas agreements, environmental compensation agreements, conversion of fines into environmental services, among others)

Judicial Proceedings
    Definition of strategy in lawsuits involving environmental matters, such as Public Civil Actions, Popular Actions, Annulment Actions, among others

    Representation and follow-up from the beginning to the end of the proceeding

Civil Inquiry
    Draft of letters, response to notifications and official letters, among others

    Negotiations with the Public Prosecutor Offices to address strategic cases

    Negotiation of instruments (e.g. conduct adjustment agreements and commitment terms)

    Environmental legal consulting in relation to several matters

Environmental Licensing
    Environmental licensing of enterprises (analysis of requirements, jurisdiction and procedures for obtaining or regularizing licenses, and related risks)

    Monitoring and legal review of technical environmental plans and studies

    Compliance with environmental technical conditions and renewal proceedings of licenses and authorizations

    Discontinuance of polluting activities and related procedures (e.g. decommissioning and obtaining of closure terms)

Contaminated Areas
    Definition of action plans for compliance with legislation and mitigation of risks, liabilities and environmental contingencies related to the management of contaminated areas

    Legal review of technical reports

    Communication with environmental agencies and other public authorities and third parties involved

Water Resources
    Compliance with legislation regarding quality standards of water and effluent discharge

    Analysis of requirements, jurisdiction and procedures for obtaining or regularizing water grants and interventions in water resources

    Charging for water use and related matters

Specially Protected Areas
    Intervention in specially protected areas (e.g. vegetation removal)

    Compliance with provisions of the Forest Code (e.g. regularization of legal reserves, permanent preservation areas and green areas) and other legal obligations related to other protected areas (e.g. conservation units)

    Legal review of Degraded Areas Recovery Plans (PRAD) and related reports

    Action plan for compliance with legislation and mitigation of environmental risks, liabilities and related issues

Management of  Waste
    Management of waste in general and hazardous waste

    Definition of negotiation and litigation strategies regarding issues related to the management of solid waste

    Representation before public authorities in relation to the implementation of the National Policy for Solid Waste

    Compliance with obligations related to reverse logistics (take-back systems)

Air Emissions
    Standards for air quality

    Emission patterns by stationary sources, noise, odors and vibrations

    Management of greenhouse gas emissions

Environmental Acidentes
    Strategic legal guidance in the management of environmental accidents, including those with repercussions in the criminal and labor spheres

    Advice on risk and emergency situations

    Communication with environmental agencies, other public authorities and third parties involved

    Analysis of environmental liabilities

    Analysis of environmental obligations related to biodiversity, access to genetic heritage, associated traditional knowledge and benefit sharing contracts

    Analysis of environmental aspects in matters involving Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

    Strategic legal guidance for mitigation of risks and impact reduction of the economic activity

    Strategic legal guidance for implementation of sustainable policies, indexes and certifications (e.g. ESG criteria and environmental policies)

    Identification of sustainable business opportunities from the legal standpoint (e.g. Payment for Environmental Services, low carbon programs and environmental assets)

    Compliance with environmental legal requirements and procedures

    Review of internal procedures and definition of action plans for compliance with applicable legislation and standards

M&A and Banking Operations
    Due Diligence of environmental aspects, including the analysis of the environmental factor of ESG

    Risk analysis and allocation of environmental liabilities in contracts

    Follow-up on compliance with pre and post-contractual obligations (e.g. regularization of issues)

    Support in extrajudicial notification due to breach of contract related to environmental matters

Social and Environmental Responsibility of Financial Institutions
    Socioenvironmental legal due diligence and risk analysis in transactions and credit concessions (e.g. requirements for granting of financing by financial institutions and compliance with such requirements by companies, including the analysis of the environmental factor of ESG)

    Legal advice for the preparation and review of social and environmental policies of financial institutions, including the implementation of ESG criteria, and for  compliance with related requirements

Real Estate Operations
    Assistance in the regularity analysis of the real estate, including the existence of contaminated areas and environmental obligations of rural and urban properties

    Assistance in the analysis of contractual and non-contractual environmental liabilities involving the purchase and sale of real estate

    Advice to real estate investment funds in this regard

    Leading firm in Environmental
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