• Innovation

    We believe that everything we do can always be better. Our quest for excellence drives our evolution and leads us to build differential factors that are important to us and to each client. We regard innovation as an opportunity to turn creative ideas into reality, aiming to solve problems and reinvent our own methodology.

  • Global Footprint

    Our global cooperation with DLA Piper affords us access to over 5,000 attorneys of diverse backgrounds and cultures in over 40 countries. Our experience with different jurisdictions and client profiles allows for in-depth improvement and knowledge of different realities. This partnership also enables a great deal of personnel interchange, which is essential to the development of our team.

  • Technical Excellence

    Our workflow involves a methodology that combines checkpoints and review to ensure the quality of our deliveries. We are constantly evaluated by clients through the NPS methodology, which has been used by the firm since 2020.

  • Diversity

    We value empathy so that, by putting ourselves in others’ shoes, we can strengthen the ties between people and respect for diversity. We adhere to the diversity and inclusion guidelines followed by our international partner DLA Piper. Also, we have created the “Mais Empatia” (More Empathy) Program, comprising several initiative lines, from education, with lectures and meetings on the issue, to constant review of policies and processes, in order to build an environment that is ever more diverse and inclusive, and more than that: an empathic environment where people respect one another and can exist together well, even with different opinions.

  • Client-Centric Culture

    We regard clients as the primary focus of our initiatives and processes, and we often reassess and adjust procedures in our quest to offer the best client experience. We want to be effective based on technical excellence and on optimal relationships with our clients.

  • Full-Service

    Our specialized team of lawyers is renowned on several fronts and offers integrated solutions to provide complete solutions to our clients and their businesses. Being a full-service firm allows the exchange of knowledge among personnel, resulting in increasingly more complete, specialized service. "


"It has always been our calling to challenge the standard, the average, the obvious. And that is not because we are rebels without a cause or by nature, but because each case deserves and needs to be addressed as if it were the last one, the only one and, at times, above and beyond the standard. We will not accept anything other than being the best, and we never worry about displeasing those who stand in line because they were told things are supposed to work this or that way. We are aware that our knowledge of our clients’ businesses and needs results in our client-centric culture, which legitimizes our challenging the status quo. This is our essence, the purest and most distinctive feature of the reason why we have existed since 1981, when Luiz Antônio Campos Mello decided to challenge the most renowned real estate law firms of those days and star his ow firm, CAMPOS MELLO ADVOGADOS. "


"To us at CAMPOS MELLO ADVOGADOS, a legacy does not mean something perennial and unchangeable left to the world. On the contrary, we have, and work every day to instill in our peers and clients, a genuine desire to abandon that which does not work – always guided by our calling, our values, and our strong sense of justice. As in Albert Camus’ words, “Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being.” Thus, we return to our essence of necessarily being the best. "

  • Values

    Effectiveness: We optimize time and resources to be more effective and productive each day.

    Empathy: We value people. We seek to listen without barriers and understand the needs, feelings and motivations of others so we can have an inclusive, harmonious, and cooperative environment.

    Excellence: We are committed to the high quality evaluated and recognized by our clients.

    Leadership by example: We believe a leader’s example is the best way to disseminate and preserve our culture.

    Meritocracy: We encourage our talents and reward their individual and collective achievements.

    Relationships: We are a partner to our clients. We understand our clients’ business and add value to their activities in an ethical, transparent way.

  • Mission

    To offer legal solutions based on an affective methodology that contributes to our clients’ goals.

  • Vision

    To be a market leader in Brazilian corporate legal practice. To offer an institutional and contemporary global platform. To provide value for our team and effective results to all our clients.