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Internal Affairs

Campos Mello Advogados (CMA) has a communication to receive and investigate cases of breach of our Conduct Code. This channel can also be used as a communication between our firm, our members, clients and third parties, where queries and suggestions can be sent to us. Our goal is to support the development of our internal processes and relationships.

Your message can be sent to us anonymously or identified. If you prefer that your information remains confidential, just complete the field “Name” with the word “anonymous” and the field “email” with the address anonimo@anonimo.com. If you prefer to provide us with you contact details, we will be able to contact you and answer queries that you have raised or to let you know how an issue you reported was solved.

Please keep in mind that you are responsible for providing accurate information and that all messages will be treated confidentially and discreetly.

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