Campos Mello Advogados promotes international seminar on Brazilian insurance market 28 jun 2023

Campos Mello Advogados promotes international seminar on Brazilian insurance market

Campos Mello Advogados (CMA), in partnership with DLA International, promotes an international seminar on Brazilian insurance market. The event shall take place on October 25 at the new office of DLA International in London (England), aiming at executives and managers at the insurance market.

In the occasion, the economist Carlos Langoni, former president of the Central Bank, shall make a presentation on Brazilian political-economic scenario and its impacts on insurance market. Since 2009, Langoni is the president of Consultoria Econômica Project, which is a consulting company providing services to large companies on economic and political issues.

“Events like this are an opportunity to exchange experiences. Brazil is an attractive market and we are sure that the seminar will be a tool for disclosure of these opportunities for Europe’s large insurance companies”, says the managing-partner Fábio Campos Mello.

Discussing Brazilian insurance market is especially important, considering the business opportunities the country offers. Insurance market has been going through a phase of mergers and acquisitions, where the large groups of insurance companies and brokers have sought growth, gains of scale, synergy and expansion of operation. “We have experienced a very warm acquisition market in insurance sector in 2018”, says Marcella Hill. It is also known that there are targets in Brazilian insurance market in the search for international investment, as a way to expand their operation.

CMA has vast experience in legal services to insurance companies. In the beginning of 2018, for example, the lawfirm coordinated the entire legal structuring in Brazil of the process for the purchase of QBE Insurance Group Limited by Zurich.

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