Swiss Energy Company lands Petrobras oil drilling contracts 28 jun 2023

Swiss Energy Company lands Petrobras oil drilling contracts

Author: Emilio Demetriou-Jones

Source: Latin Lawyer

04 April 2019

Campos Mello Advogados has helped Swiss oil platform operator Ocean Rig lease two drilling vessels to Petrobras in a deal worth US$240 million.

Petrobras is thought to have relied on its in-house counsel for the deal, which was signed on 11 March.

Ocean Rig will lease the Mykonos and Corcovado drilling vessels to Petrobras, which will use them to extract hydrocarbons from the Mero oil field, located 180 kilometres off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

Petrobras will pay Ocean Rig approximately US$235,000 per day for 550 days for Mykonos, and US$215,000 per day for 629 days for Corcovado.

The operations are due to start in November this year.

Following a merger in December, Ocean Rig is now part of the Swiss offshore drilling contractor Transocean.

Counsel to Ocean Rig

Campos Mello Advogados

Partner David Meiler and associate Bárbara Bittencourt